• What is Nostriga?

    Nostriga is part of the "nostr.world unconference" series, now in its third edition. It's a cost-free event aimed at gathering nostriches globally to share knowledge, collaborate, and work towards a freely accessible internet.

  • When and where is Nostriga?

    The event is scheduled for August 22nd and 23rd, coinciding with Riga Bitcoin Week, and will take place in Latvia.

  • What is the Riga Bitcoin Week?

    It's an annual event during the Baltic Honeybadger conference. The week is packed with Bitcoin and freedom tech events, emphasizing education, sharing new developments, and expanding adoption.

  • Does registering for the Nostriga Unconference grant me access to the Baltic Honeybadger Conference?

    No, they are distinct events within the same week. Registration for Nostriga does not include access to the Baltic Honeybadger conference, which requires a separate ticket purchase. You can purchase tickets for it here.

  • What is Nostr?

    Nostr is a straightforward, open protocol designed for censorship-resistant and global web publishing, fostering a value-for-value exchange. More information on Nostr and its usage is available here.

  • Can I bring my children to Nostriga and the Riga Bitcoin Week?

    Absolutely, children of all ages are welcome. Nostriga will feature special activities to keep them engaged.

  • What do I do if I can’t come to Nostriga but I already registered to attend in person?

    If you're unable to attend, please reach out to the nostr.world team through nostr direct messages to cancel your ticket, allowing it to be reassigned.

  • When are tickets for the in-person conference going to be issued?

    Tickets will be sent out on August 1st, 2024. Expect a direct message on your nostr account with the details.

  • Where can I find the livestream links?

    Livestream links will be posted on the official website and shared via nostr notes during the event.

  • What if I want to speak at the conference?

    To express interest in speaking, please contact the organizing team through nostr direct messages via the nostr.world account.